Job offer

Dear Members,

My friend got a job offer with offered salary of AED 3500/P.M. & fixed incentive of AED 500/P.M.
Food, Accommodation , transportation from home>work & vice versa included in above mentioned salary. If I want accommodation company will charge AED 750/PM.

Their offer is lower than my actual asking Salary. However, I am very interested in the company so I might accept it. I am currently in INDIA. Relocation is not an issue.

Question #1: Cost of Living

Is 3500 AED per month from the salary enough for the following living conditions (with savings)?
- A bachelor
- Rarely parties or socialize
- Wants a 1 Bedroom apartment/flat in DUBAI INVESTMENT PARK. what would be budget for all house stuff like bed, appliances, etc.
- I don't drive so I'll probably use Uber or Cab at first
- I'll occasionally eat out but I can cook as well.

Question #2: Process of payments for flats

- since I'll be new in the area, I won't have any cheque from a bank in Dubai. Do owners accept cash at first? or Do I need to apply for a bank account immediately when I get to Dubai even if I'm just visiting? Since I need to get settled before my work start date.

Question(s) #3: Working in Dubai

- I have no idea about working in Dubai. I was told that the only benefits I can get is full medical insurance and a plane ticket per year to the country in passport. What should I look into the offer? What should I worry about? What should I know about working in Dubai?

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