a Syrian guy seeking to get into Canada !!

Well, i am 24 years old my dream was to be a civil engineer like my father was he died in 2006 when i was thirteen years old. yet i started to study civil engineering at International University for Science and Technology in Syria but because of the war i left and moved to Lebanon with my family, since i was the eldest guy i worked for two years in too many different jobs.

later, i got a full scholarship to continue my study since i was had high grades,  and here i am i got the 1st rank in two different majors " Information Technology and Computer Science" with GPA 3.77/4.

During the 5 years in Lebanon i did 4 years in volunteering work, in different NGOs. i got the 2nd rank in the swimming completion at Lebanese International University in the Sport day, the 1st place the next year.

I got the 1st place in LIU Science day in the Research section, my research was about D-Wave 2x System, well yea i am a hard worker and a willing guy.

In 2017, March my team got the programming skills award between all Lebanese universities in the 4th VEX competition in robotics.

i have the abilities, i have the passion and i have the believe in what i can do in the future, but in the Arab world you cant do anything,  like now i have an outstanding degree but i cant get a job in Lebanon because i am Syrian!, i cant travel to anywhere because i need visa even to the Arab countries, i do not have money to apply or even to get a regular visa " which is no one will accept it", i do speak English and i participated in many Competitions, Hackathon and pachathon, my idea during the last event beside i didn't win but here's apple is applying it in its watch.

i just need one thing in my life , leave this country until my mother country get back again, i cant go back now because they will force me to fight i am in the age they bring boys to the military, i would die instead of doing that.

Please if someone can help me to get into Canada whatever in a student visa, a sponsorship or even as a refugee ( because i am already a refugee and i have that UNHCR certificate 4 years ago".

this is my first time in asking foe help! but my life is going to hell here and i mean it :).

Thank you..

Welcome to the forum :)

You can read up about Refugees and asylum in Canada HERE.

Good luck my friend.

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