How to apply legal capacity of Marriage?

Good day to all,

So glad to be able to find the helpful website and group expat forum. I am currently living in Abu dhabi and my boyfriend is in france. He already set an appointment for the legal capacity to get married on feb 12,2017.

1.)I would like to verify for the first step of my requirements if it is correct

Cenomar original- Authenticated
Birth certi orig-authenticated
Bgy clearance- authenticated
Certificate of residency

2.) I would like to ask if what would be the possible and easiest way to authenticate my requirements since im living in abudhabi.

3. How about  for the  months of validity  of my documents once it was authenticated?

4.) we will arrive in the philippines feb 11 afternoon near the embassy of france in manila. What are the other things we need to do and prepare so there will be no problem and delays  when we are already on our way to the embassy

He will come back to france and i will come back to abudhabi on feb 17 once the appointment was done and will be awaiting for the issuance of the legal capacity of marriage. Once issued, i will sign a resignation from my work and will go back again to philippines and  proceed for the next step which is the marriage certifcate.but first i need to know the first step this time.
I hope you could help me with all of my queries thanks you very much.

A legal capacity for marriage is simply a document that is provided by your countries embassy that you raised your hand and sworn under oath (and under purjury / penalty of law) that you are un-married in your home country.  I am a US Citizen so I simply went to the US Embassy in Manila, and raised my hand and swore the oath to an Amassador /Agent and received my Legal Capacity to marry directly after. You read a few statements and swear under oath, so be advised, if you are lying and they find out or your future wife ever finds out you can/ probably will be deported and face federal purgury charges which could land you in prison in your home country. So good luck !

Thank you for your response. However I wanted to know exactly the steps in getting legal capacity of marriage and we will be going to embassy of france in Philippines. Im not sure if the process is the same in US embassy

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