How to handle the phillipines

Well it's been 6 long months of adjustment living in the phillipines
Things I find annoying are
1 the radio station's are a complete load of crap
2 the daily burning of rubbish and the lack of respect to one's neighbors
3 the white skin means I have unlimited money to hand out
4 the dump thinking of philipino people over everything they just don't understand
5 the filthy streets
6 men that just piss all over the place
7 the food is hideous
8 the begger attitude to just take but never give
9 why they add sugar to everything from bread to pasta
10 the amount of unwanted kids left to fend for themselves... I find single mothers with kids..ok ok maybe have one kid...but why 3 or 4
Other then that...its not bad..😂😂😂

:lol:  I understand you and I agree with you. It is totally different culture than our western. They have also many good sites like smiling, dancing, you can bribe police and government cheaply :D You are from beautiful Pangasinan, come in Manila and you will find at least 25 annoying points :D

How to handle? Just relax and enjoy in positive aspects of living here :)

😂😂😂 manila no thanks that is the ass hole of the Philippines
I've been there a few Times and trust me I'd rather lick the pavements of BKK then to waste my time on the over crowded filthy place and don't mention the traffic utter craziness but saying that I go when I need to buy stuff I'm in and out..stelth mode

True . thank God the bozz is cheap

i've never been to pangasinan though. but yeah it's true. even if i have to compare *again* with Jakarta, i'd prefer Jakarta even though the traffic there is worse than in Manila. but, that's the beauty of being an expat. you experience things :D

😂😂and Indonesia has way better food po

true! how i miss rendang and all spicy food there. :(

Oh My !! Never talk about Jakarta !! The worst traffic in the world with BKK ! So many hours to reach the airport !!! Never again !

Question of food. If you love sea foods, the Philippines is the best country for that.

it is true. i heard that the traffic there is worse now. it's funny everytime i heard filipinos complain about how bad the traffic is, they've never encountered the traffic in jakarta. hahaha

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