start a business in BAKU ( Azerbaijan)


i want to start a business of garments or cars showroom on a smaller scale. please guide me what is possibilities . what is rent of a shop about 1000 sq ft and what is driving conditions in BAKU . IS There LEFT HAND DRIVE OR RIGHT HAND drive. i already doing cars business in Pakistan. what is normaly price of garments there means jeans, shirts , jackets, leather jackets etc.

Rashid Ashraf

I can help you

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Promoting your services freely on the forum is not allowed.

If you want to help, you can share useful information on the thread and by anwering the OP questions.

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Need business and visa related services in Baku. Hi sirajsultanli, I sent you a message. Thanks, Sam

Dear Rashid Ashraf
Do you steel need any help about in Baku?

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