Planning to move to Jeddah on work Visa

Hello everyone,

I'm Hina from Hyderabad, India.

I'm  26 and married. Planning to move to Jeddah where my husband works, I'm a primary school teacher with 2+ years of experience in teaching and 5 years of home tuitions.

I have done B.ED. General (Bachelor in Education) and B.ED in special needs (For kids with disabilities).
I have been applying for jobs online on many portals but I see no response from them.

I'd highly appreciate if there is anyone on this portal who is into teaching and can suggest something and refer me into their workplaces that may have any requirements.

Thanks in Advance,

Its good that you been applying on portals keep that thing going dont be worried about responses , Apply on all the Major portals of Middle East. Please specify which on which portals you applied.
Specially for Indians to get a job in school you must be having some reference who can refer you for any new vacancies. Hope if some one here on this portal working in school can give you some lead.
But as you got B.ED in Special needs i think you got added advantage, but you will get job in any Arabic school in this discipline for which you got to be at least a basic level Arabic speaker .

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