My stay in Kuwait

Recently I have completed 13 years of stay in Kuwait and am still continuing further. I love Kuwait because I made mine as well as my family's life. I am very grateful to this country for that. If you obey the country's laws, generally you do not face any problem. If you keep good habits your life is cool. In spite of you behave good there could be some occasion where you face troubles. In fact in all Gulf Countries. I have stayed in many other Gulf Countries like UAE (3 yrs), Saudi Arabia (10 yrs), Qatar (1 yr), etc. But Kuwait is the best place for accumulating good money. The reason is the highest denomination of Kuwaiti Dinar (at present 1 KWD=3.3 USD).  Kuwait has more free living style than some other Gulf Countries. Women drive here. Driving is bit risky as people rarely gives signals. Cost of living is high.

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