I am considering to move to Islamabad

Dear Expats :)

I am considering to move to Islamabad by September 17. I appreciate if you could feed me with information about the following as it seemed hard to get the info straightforward from the web:

1- Where can find a compound villa or compound flat in Islamabad? (Compound = gated community and facilities for the Kids).
2- If the above is valid how much is the average rental rate?
3- If there is no closed communities, where most of the expats live and how do they manage to get their families spend good time?
4- Schools - Is there any International British schools (that teaches England curriculum) ? If not does any one has the experience of moving his kids from British school to an international school in Islamabad? what were the challenges?
5- Cost of living - How much is the average in USD for a family of 5 members?

Too many questions, but I believe many good supporters are around as well :)

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