Looking for cheap property to live away from Davao city

Planning to move to Davao from UK, to marry my Filipino girlfriend, looking for place to rent away from city centre.

Have you lived here or with your girlfriend before?

Been to the phillipines twice before, my Filipino gf is at present working in Tiawan

Good luck on the proposed marriage.   Are you aware of the present political situation in Mindanao?  Davao is a beautiful city, but moving into the country with your bride should only be undertaken by very knowledgeable expats. 
If you want to be near a city, you might consider other islands, maybe Cebu or even the suburbs of Manila
However, perhaps there are family reasons to  live near Davao.  I am sure there are others on the forum with more information to help you.

I am selling my House and lot in Panabo City,this is just about 1 hour from Davao City.  Installment base is accepted .My advertisement is on the HOUSING part of this site. Feel free to check

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