Birth certificate issued

Hi guys, pls help me does anyone have idea if woman get pregnant for 4 weeks and the marriage happened after a 2 weeks here in bahrain are the parents will face any serious issue during delivery here in bahrain? With regards for applying the birth certificate?? As I heard hospital are counting from the date of form till delivery  Pls help😪 I believe it's just a week difference or may be 1 month gap.. Do u think we will not face any cases?

no. no cases will face.

Hi, can you pls let me know the reason? Because as I heard from others that they were questioned from the hospital? You are really sure it will be fine? Pls let me know. Thanks

Yes. They will question u be honest that u were in relation before married we found out you pregnant u got married to him. That's it.

Also where u from ???

Hi, thank you for the response, im from Philippine and he's from India.. Sir even it's muslim right?

Whos is muslim?
And where did you married and have you register the marriage certificate

How old both of you?

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