Medical Insurance for retiree

Can anyone tell me about what kind of med insurance a Canadian would need to retire in the Philippines?

If you are under 65 Pacific Cross its reasonable in price and has lots of options. As you start getting older you might want to have some cash set aside to cover Emergency situations, then get back to Canada for anything major. Also if your starting younger than 65 you can buy into an HMO like Caritas that Will extend coverage past 65. That's good enough to get you in the emergency room with some basic coverage.

The before mentioned Pacific Cross does offer coverage above 65 but the premium is high enough it might just be worth setting that money aside for an emergency.

Thanks for letting me know about Pecific Cross. But what is HMO ?

Health Maintenance organization. You pay monthly until you pay a certain amount, then your covered for 10 years and its transferable to others. Its beneficial as it gives you access to doctors labs etc. Without being ripped off because you are a foreigner. Many hospitals and doctors belong so they agree to charge within cost guidelines. You can still be ripped off but its harder for them to do.

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