Best type car to bring from the US

This is my first post.  Well really my 2nd if you count the long one I accidentally deleted  :(
I currently live in Albuquerque NM.  I'm planning to move to Portugal in about a year and am scheduled to visit for a month this Nov.  I have spent hours trying to get good and current info on matriculating my American car to Portugal.  Most blogs and posts are for importing EU vehicles. And few are newer than 2012!

So far, what I think I know Is:
I need to have owned the car at least 12 months and need a " Notice of Conformity" from the manufacturer. I understand there may be some parts (headlights) needing replacement?  Although maybe that is just for right hand drive?  Plus provide a ton of paperwork showing basically that the car lived with me at my address. Also I think the car needs to be fully paid off?  This may keep me from buying something much newer...

Somewhere I got the idea that certain Makes, Models and years of cars may be easier or less costly to transfer/ register but I can find nothing that gives any details.  Also, a  particular car may have higher registration costs depending on ...what?  Size of engine or year built? Mileage?

Of course I'll be trying to get more info while in Portugal but my current 2011 Subaru Outback with only 40K miles may not be the ticket and I need to decide soon if I'm going to purchase something and have it for a year before moving.  I wouldn't mind something smaller that can get maintenance and repairs more easily in Portugal.

My second question is similar but regards to moving furniture or other large and small personal possessions.  I can live with having to selling my stuff but wonder how cost effective it is to Move VS Repurchase ( used but nice is fine).  I will be retired in Portugal and traveling but I want my home to feel like my home!  Somewhere I read about packing 50 gal drums inexpensively for smaller items?  Anyone ever hear of that?

I so appreciate your patience and I look forward to any responses .

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