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Doesn't seem that it's a very active forum :) but I really hope that somebody will reply :) I am a new member, my name is Laura. I live in Lithuania at the moment with my family (husband and 2 kids 13y / 1y), but we have business in USA, and spent some time living over there.  We spent our holidays in French Polynesia and after some time decided that we would like to relocate to this paradise.  So I am just looking for general information or maybe people who relocated many years ago and have experience how to do it :) Who could help me with information and maybe some contacts or advices :)
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IaOrana Laura,
I retired in Papeari Tahiti after I sold my business in the USA. I've been here a number of years and really love it. There are some things you have to get used to. My Tahitian friends have given me a Tahitian name, Manarii, and, of course, a nice tattoo. I would highly recommend that you vacation here for a few months before you commit to a move. Rent a place in the district that you think you want to move to. That way, you can see if it still acceptable to you.
Steve (Manarii)

Thanks for the answer! Well we were thinking about renting a house also.. probably we will try that. But we are sure that we are gonna move to some islands, so French Polynesia is the best we could find so far.  We are thinking about the period of maybe 5-7 years. So we already start looking for some land, or at least some broker who could start working on searching the land, also looking for maybe some company which could build a house. Trying to find out about the costs for all the relocation and also documentation if needed.

Hi there, I still didn't get very useful help for now. Pretty complicated over there to find somebody, who could answer the main question about residence and taxes. So far the only help is google :) I am trying to find some lawyer, whom I could pay for consultation and just get all the answers from him. So if anybody can recommend somebody, let me know please. 

There is an association of lawyers in Papeete that can help you. You can call them at 689. and ask for the type of help you need. This service is not free, so you will need to pay the lawyer.
Manarii Tane  (Steve)
Papeari, Tahiti, PK 52

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- Legal services in French Polynesia

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