Need Help with Migration to Canada

Dear All,

First of all, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all who would post their valuable feedback in here to help me out. Let me tell you a brief about myself and my wife, in order to help you understand me better.

I am an Indian and is currently employed as Product Development Manager - Kotak Life (Life Insurance Company). I have almost 7.5 years of experience in Product Development (Life Insurance). I have done B.Tech (Biotectchnology) & PGDM (Risk Management). How I ended up in Life Insurance after doing graduation in BioTechnology is a long story ! Let's not get into that now.

My wife is a Branch Manager - ICICI Bank (No. 1 Private Bank in India). And she has 10 years of experience in Banking across various profile (Retail Banking, Corporate Sales, Operations, Loan, Credit Card).  We are also blessed with a 10 month old girl.

Now, I am thinking to migrate to Canada to provide a better future for kiddo. The thing is I do not know which part of Canada has more jobs related to Financial Services - Banking & Insurance. I would request you guys to help me out.

Also, since I have only 20,000 CAD with me to afford to spend while I land in Canada, we have decided instead of both leaving jobs together, my wife will go first and look for job, since it's easier to get a job in Banks rather than Insurance. Once she gets a job, I would shift to Canada. Though, we are applying for PR together.

So to summarize I have the following questions :
1) Which part of Canada has more jobs related to Financial Services - Banking & Insurance ?
2) Where should a single lady stay - in a 1 Bed Apartment or Paying Guest ? Which would be cheaper ?
3) Based on my initial budget how many months she can spend there without job ?
4) Do you think my way of proceeding is viable ?

I would be very glad if you could post honest feedback to help me out.


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