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Is it possible to setup a Bahamian Corporation and work as the managing director of this corporation from outside of the Bahamas, say in Cyprus or somewhere else and receive a salary derived from this Bahamian corporation without having to have a work permit issued by the Bahamian Central Government, or must I retain a current work permit from them even if I do not work in the Bahamas?

Also, do you know what the minimum salary I must collect from this Bahamian corporation per year as a managing director and sole shareholder owner of this Bahamian corporation if any like maybe B$1 per year like I have seen in the US?

Do you know if there are any intangibles or capital taxes on the registration of Bahamian stock shares in the Bahamas and if there is, what is it per share and is it a fee that is rechargeable every year or so and if is, is it the same fee that is charged at the initial registration period or is it lower or higher?

Also, may non-Bahamian employees of this Bahamian corporation that live in the Bahamas own real estate if they are legally working under the Bahamian Work Permit (WP) program or must they only be able to rent for their housing needs while they work in the Bahamas?
Thank you for your response to my concerns.

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