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Hi, I'm a British Expat living in the Netherlands, my German husband & I are planning to move back soon to The Newcatle area.
Does anyone know if employers are still willing to recruit EU(non-UK) nationals with Brexit looming? My husband has been applying for a lot of IT jobs the last few months & isn't getting any response!

Hi Sharron and welcome to the Forum.

Brexit is causing uncertainty, but I've not heard any first-hand stories of potential employers being unwilling to employ non-UK nationals because of Brexit.

Perhaps an approach to an IT recruiting agency will get you some feedback; this link will take you to a Google search I just created.

If that doesn't work, blijf lekker in Nederland. :)

Hi there sharron Hudson

Welcome to :)

Brexit hasn't really affected the job market and firms are employing people from across the world including the EU. If the person has the right qualifications then there is a chance of them getting the job. Normally Brits get chosen first though...... What areas is he applying? If it is just the Newcastle area maybe he should try the whole of the UK, as the unemployment rate is quite high in the North East.

SimCityAT Expert Team

Hi Cynic,
thanks for replying but I've already been in NL for 15yrs & am more than ready to go home!

thanks SimCityAT,
for your reply, I hope you're right r.e. the employers but they would never officially admit it as that would be discrimination.
Also I'm from Newcastle & wish to return home so looking in other areas isn't really an option

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