Resignation or termination

hello everyone! I am new here in Oman. I started working last april of this year. Im working in construction site and im planning to resign or terminate myself by not going to work. Because this company force me to work even off days. That's why i want to end this contract.I have some questions to ask.

1. If my company will terminate me during my probationary period will i pay or not? Bcoz according to grounds of termination is "if I refuse to be transfered or relocate to other site they can terminate me". And will they charge me or file a case to me?

2. If i will pay, how much will it cost? Labor card, visa, hiring expenses, labor clearance, and they have "administration charges"?

3. If i will be terminated, should i leave oman immediately? Or can i still stay here until my resident visa end on 2019?

4. If i will leave oman because of termination, can i come back here if my wife applied me for visit visa in the future? Because they say after exiting here in oman i can comeback here after 2 years?

I hope all of you can help me. Give some information, or to the one who experienced this kind of problem.. Thank you very much!

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