Lived in Riga last year, should I move back there ?

I moved to spain years back and ended up living in Riga last year for the year and moved back to spain a couple months ago, bottom line is im missing Riga and really cant wait for the winter there (i love the snow)
but, when i lived there it was me and my partner together, however we just split up and im wondering if its actually safe and ok for a young female living in Riga alone ? i only met a couple of people when i lived there because it was always me and my boyfriend together i never did anything alone.. + im self employed so i work from home, i have everything from Riga even latvian car which i drove to spain, latvia driving licence and id card etc so i think everything is setup,
but i worry that if i move back there i dont know where to make friends or meet people in Riga because i didnt have to do this before, in spain its very easy people are so friendly..
so basically
is it safe for young female to live alone there ?
and how would i even begin to make friends there since i work from home where would i go ?!
I dont want to be lonely there ?

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