how to get a professional job in Norway

I hold a PhD in Social Sciences and would like to work in Norway. I have tried to respond to many job announcements but have never got shortlisted. I need tips on how I can find employment in Norway.

Hi Shallomlisha,

Have a look at the articles in the Work in Norway section of the Expat Guide. You will find some useful informations.

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you should check if your academic qualification is valid in Norway.  In certain professions, they are very strict.

thanks a lot.
i did my masters in Norway and my PhD also in Europe. I believe it has more to do with my nationality or skin colour than with my qualifications.

Do you speak fluent Norwegian? I've found Norwegian employers aren't interested in non Norwegian speakers in general, unless you speak another scandinavian language.

Nothing to do with your skin colour ( to be honest unless you are not muslim ) . Norwegian Language is the most important requirement.  English is never enough to get a job in Norway. There is not many rasist people in Norway, in fact Norwegians are very kind. Learn Norwegian, dont victimize yourself for the skin colour and you will see that I am right.

An Indian. and I am an advertising art director, illustrator, graphic designer, 3d artist and a painter. i also love creative writing. i know these are not enough to get a job in norway. may be its too much of a dream for me but i do believe everything is possible. I will love to make friends and want to live rest of my life in norway. I want to make it possible. I also want to learn Norwegian. any advice is welcome.

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