Can I trust self-assessment tool result?

I am working at oil major as a machinery engineer in oversea and trying to find a position in Singapore.

I have been told by hiring manager that he would consider me, then when he checked with HR, he been told that HR can't justify my qualification to government.

- got engineering degree at one of AU universities
- got almost 2 years of exp as machinery engineer (both at Europe and Asia)
- average income of S$5,800.

I checked my qualification via SAT, and result says

"Based on the information you have provided, the individual is likely to qualify for both Employment Pass (EP) and S Pass.

This does not represent an approval and the result does not take into account:

1) The Employer's Profile (e.g lack of quota for S Passes) and
2) Candidate's Antecedent (e.g previous offence)
These will be evaluated when you make the actual application."

1) I think this is only applicable for S passes case. If the company is after this option, a guy who I am replacing the quota is also a foreigner and will leave the company.
2) I do have a documentation which shows clear evidence to support this. (no history of offence)

So by looking at the result, I guess I would be able to apply however, I just wonder whether there is additional restrictions that government enforces these days on foreign workforce?

Is it really hard for a big firm group to get a work pass from government?

The answer is certainly yes by reducing the numbers in both EPs and S passes almost 40% compare to
last two years. But, I certainly believe if your job role is at niche level and lack of candidature availability  locally then there is nothing wrong to hire a foreigner. Good luck

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