Hiring opportunities in Tenerife

I'm going to be relocating to Tenerife early next year (looking to leave the London lifestyle) and I will be looking to expand my recruitment business there.

I recruit within the automotive industry in Germany, so this makes me able to live anywhere within Europe. Are there many English speaking (English is the German business language) young people that live there permanently, as I will potentially be looking to hire 5 people within the first year.

George Hales

Both my husband and I live here on a  permanent basis. This would be something he would be interested in. Feel free to contact me with more details as far as what the position requires.

Hey Niki,

Thank you for the reply.

My email is ***


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Hi, I am very interested in moving to Tenerife and seen your post. My background has been in Field Sales for the past 20 years. If interested please contact me.

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