Trying to make my dream come true...

Hello everybody !
I'm from Albania , currently living in Durres , 25 years old and a Muslim !
My dream since i was a child was to live in Turkey , but never had the courage to make this big step in my life to move to another place.
But sincerely , i love Turkey with all my heart , more than any other country , and it's my dream to live there and create a family there !
I know it's not easy , but i pray for this every single day .
So if anyone of you , can help me with some ideas how to do it, would appreciate it!
If anyone can offer me a work , of any kind (not alcoohol or something that can damage my identity as a muslim) , would be a fantastic thing for me !
I speak Italian English , and i'm trying my best to learn Turkish .
I know that one day will be there Inşallah !
If you can make my dream come true , that would make me feel so much better !
Selam!  :)

Hi Omerned,

Welcome to :)

I'd invite you to go through the Living in Turkey guide to find out all you need to know to relocate,work and live in Turkey.



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