My issue is that I need to find paid work in Phnom Penh

Hi guys,

I've had my heart set on moving to Phnom Penh for the past 6 years and now feel like it's finally the right time.

I first went to Cambodia as a volunteer for 6 months and I've visited the country regularly since. I feel like I know Phnom Penh well and it feels like home to me. I still work closely with the charity from the UK but I want to move closer so I can be more hands on with the development of the NGO.

My issue is that I need to find paid work in Phnom Penh and so far all jobs I have seen require a university degree - which I don't have.

I have a lot of experience working in IT but university was never something I wanted to do.

At the same time, whilst I would happily work in a bar/restaurant I don't know if this could provide me a living wage and I also wouldnt want to be taking job opportunities away from the Khmer workers.

Can anyone advise?

Thanks, Lora

Hello Lora,
I am Michael, i am originally from Montreal, Canada, ive been in Cambodia for a little over a year now. Well enough of myself, I have helped a lot of expats settle down here, or find the best plan / ways to settle down here permanently, I however do need some info, basicly your experience, resume, etc. So i can have a better insight of where to guide you and if it will be easy for you to settle down here.
Take care,

Hi Lora

Can you do digital marketing stuff? Events marketing?

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