Moving to Sweden.


My name is Chris (Kristian in Sweden). I am 27 years old and I live in Greece.
As you may already know,Greece is having a difficult time,especially in finding a job.So I 've decided to move to Sweden for a job opportunity.
I chose Sweden because I ve read a lot of this country and I realised that the biotic standar of living there is better than most of the E.U. countries.
I ve started Swedish,I am in A2 lvl I think its ok for every day communication.
I will come alone and I wanted to ask where can i stay till I find a job plus money to rent ? I also know that finding a house in Sweden is extremelly hard.
And then,where can I apply for a job.?? I am interested for start ,for a cleaner potition or diswashing in kitchens etc.
Thank you so much.

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