Final Exit help.

Hello Everyone.

I am engineer working in MNC in Jeddah from last 3 years.
3 month back, we friends decided to visit Taif and we rented a car, unfortunately we were caught at Taif checkpost as they found Hash (0.1 gm) from car, we were shocked as it didn't belong to us.

They put us in Jail, and we got punishment for 2 months and finial exit (Trahil). after completing our punishment my employer get me out on Kafala. but my passport is still with them. now i have to go back to jail for finial exit from Govt. side. but i dont know when they will call me back (3-5 months).

Now i have emergency at my home country, according to my system from (Jawazat) i cannot travel.
please advise is there any way, i can travel back to my country. its really urgent for me.

I spoke to 1 guy and he asked for 10,000 SAR to get me final exit from system on my out pass.
But i am afraid it will cause problem at airport immigration after my fingerprint to them.

Please advise, if this way is fine or not.
if anyone knows any other way to travel ASAP. please help.


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