Chance of employing foreigners instead of natives

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I'm a Bulgarian with a philological bachelor's degree ( English and Spanish linguistics). I'm currently studying for a MBA degree in Psychology, but my love for massages has never changed. I've been working  3 years summer jobs in hotels on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria extensively and have learned many techniques. I've passed a classical massage course and I've got a certificate, and through my experience  I've gained knowledge of other therapies. Since I know Spanish as well and my dream is to spend time in Spain for a longer period of time through working. I'm searching for a seasonal job at a hotel, day spa, etc. I know about the economical crisis there, but massages are an area where tipping is preferred, you know. I'd be very grateful if anyone could give ideas about different job opportunities.

Do you guys think there is a chance of employing foreigners instead of natives because of the crisis?

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Just to inform you that i have created a new thread from your post on the Spain forum so that you might get some feedbacks more easily.

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Hi, you can find a lot foreigners working instead of Natives, Just prove yourself then everything will come. ;)

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