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Hello people
I wanted to share some issues im having and maybe get some advice.
Im not a resident in romania but plan on moving there eventually. Now i would like to buy a property, i have a deposit of around 50% but none of the banks will give me a mortgage as they say i am not a romanian citizen and my earnings are from the uk. Having checked with the eu commission i feel the banks are discriminating and refusing based on my nationality which they shouldnt do they even told me a romanian citizen who earns abroad can get one which i find unfair.
I would like to find a solution as i want to move in with my girlfriend who is romanian. I have a relatively new online business in iasi which is around 4 months old if this helps in some way. Can anyone advise on what my options are.

You need to ask another bank, or if they say no, to speak with someone higher.  Bank employees often have no idea of the rules as they relate to foreigners...and just by default say no, it can't be done (Nu se poate syndrome :) )  It isn't right.

Myself as an American, I was able to get one via BCR, though I didn't end up making the deal on the property.  It DID require me to insist that the branch employee I spoke with to call their boss and figure it out.

Like many issues in this country, keep trying until you get the answer you need.

Romaniac Experts Team

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