Condos or Villas with private pool


Looking for a rental with a private pool.

I am aware of harmony and the new Setia place on Gurney. Does anyone know of any other condo or villas with a private pool.

Though i see places like the Light are pretty empty so you can have their big pool to yourself most of the time@

There's 8 Gurney but with all the construction of Gurney Wharf, the new roads and tunnel, not very appealing perhaps? … vBeoFX8.97 … G0xJILt.97 … sHx55Xy.97 … orgHl0E.97

Hi Marchk,

if you are looking for a villa with a private pool and seaview, please do check out Moonlight Bay in Batu Feringgi. My posting as below: … -rent.html

Please do contact me @ +60125492020 for details.


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