Assistance with the move to Taiwan

The complete differences in the language (no Mandarin in the beginning), culture and people was a little intimidating. The longer I stayed and learning the language, as best I could was helpful.  I was teaching ESL (English). The staff was very helpful, and DEWEY INT'L was very helpful to locate a place, although the hotel they put me in was a little sketchy...
Once you get to know the people and they get to trust you, thy are friendly (truly) and again, helpful. The kids are great and The societal emphasis on education was refreshing. I had a hard time teaching in the states because of the indifference of the students. Coming from a big city with many asians, who by the way kept to themselves, kept busy and rarely caused trouble, I can attest to the drive they have for success on any level.
Transportation is ubiquitous and the different colored buses are helpful, for navigation. Many students study English, but are reluctant to use it... Younger TW'ers seem to relax these norms and try to help. The fact that they actively prosecute drug use and sales, don't use guns and don't drink as excessively as Americans is a testament to discipline.
Buddhism no doubt, affects the responses (or lack thereof) of the populace. I am a Christian, but I can say that this ancient society, it's beautiful people and the healthy orientation, from Tai Chi in the early am to hiking in bamboo forest with green tea breaks in little huts along the way speak of the general healthy MO of the cuisine, the people and the ultimate longevity of the people. If it were not for the fact that I have family here in the US, I would be there and STAY there, especially given the current state of the politics and government.

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