HELP! Conflicting VISA info!!

Hello everyone!

Posting here and I apologise in advance if this is a topic that has already been raised and if I sound like a broken record!

Really need some help/advice from your experiences!

I previously posted on the forum ( … 54#3616231) asking for advice on what kind visa application myself and my husband would have to apply for.

Thanks to the information, I know that we need Form F -  Family Members – CEA Form F – Application for a residence permit submitted by an EU/EEA/Swiss National on the basis of Family Members as laid down by the provisions of Free Movement of EU nationals and their Family Members Order (Legal Notice 191 of 2007) and/or Immigration Regulations (Legal Notice 205 of 2004).

This is because I am a British national and my husband is a non-EU national living in German with a residence permit based on being a family member of an EEA national.

I spoke to Identity Malta and they advised that while we sort out our affairs in Germany (where we are) we can visit Malta, apply for this visa, go back to Germany and wait for a reply. Is this something that someone has done before? If so does it affect the application at all?

We then spoke to the Maltese embassy here in Berlin and when we explained our situation - that we wanted to move and work in Malta - they told us we would need some kind of employment authorization. What exactly is this?

Ideally we would like to find jobs before we move (I gather this helps with CEA Form A relating to employment?) but if we cannot find jobs BEFORE moving how do we guarantee that the visa/residence we apply for will allow us to work when we find jobs AFTER we move?

I hope this isn't a lot and I really appreciate any information/advice anyone might have.

In June we will visit Malta and stay in Sliema at an AirBnB and we are hoping that in the week or so we are there, we can actually apply for a visa and begin the process of moving.

Thank you so much!!

C.K & F.D

i know you posted a while back and perhaps have found the answers you were seeking but i think Form F allows the third party national residency status in malta without having to leave every three months but does not allow for working, for this instance he would need a company willing to arrange a work permit for him,
from recent conversations with recruitment agencies for my company they said that IT and finance professionals as well as professionals with a salary of €30,000 or higher will most likely be accepted and granted their work permit in 2 weeks, for other jobs and lower salaries it takes a bit longer, but they said they are handing the permits out more leniently lately.
hope I've been helpful

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