Italian girl english speaker looking to move in Kyoto.

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to move to Kyoto, but I'd love to know what are the rules and formalities to stay in Japan for as long is possible.
I'd love to learn Japanese and work at the same time. I'm willing also to teach english but I'm looking for info regarding any qualifications that are required etc...are there any specific teaching course I need to do for traching in Jp?
Also is for Italians easy to work and live in japan or are there nationalities restrictions? If not teaching is it possible for italians to do any other job?
I have visited the Immigration office in Kyoto and nobody spoke english enough to give any informations... on the Jp gov website couldn't get much info neither...
Please, if anyone can explain me the right route to follow... that would be really sweet!!
Thank you in advance.
Maria x

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