Freelance photographer wants to move to Valencia

He everyone,

At this moment I am here in Valencia to study Spanish for two weeks. I absolutely fell in love with the city and Spanish culture. I am a photographer living and working mostly in Amsterdam. I have many clients there and I also work as a freelance editor for the news. There I buy photo's from other photographers that go with the articles and broadcasts. It took me a while but I can support myself as a freelancer and even save money to go traveling like I am doing now. Can someone tell me if it is hard to form a base of clients here and how I should start my search. In Amsterdam I know many people and everybody just suggests me to other compagnies when they liked the work I had done for them. In Valencia I should start all over I guess. Does anyone have suggestions on how to find at least a few clients so I can start considering moving here? All help is welcome. Hope you like the work I make and drop me an email whenever you have something to ask or tell me. info[at]

Thank you!

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