How to make friends in Iran

My name is Iman from IRAN
I wanna go to ljubljiana on 20-29 Feb 2016
I realy will glad to meet new pepole and  have a good friend for that time or maybe for another trip or travel
I thinks Ljubljiana is scenic and very beautifull  :)


I am planning a trip to Iran for 2-3 weeks somewhere in August 2016, where I aim to explore the Alborz mountain range.
I would really like to talk with some people in Iran, maybe ask a few questions, know what Iran is all about and its people.
Can you help me? :)

hi , of course , u can contact me coz id don't really check here every day :


I am Navid from iran.

I may can help you.

If you have question, please dont hesitate.



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My husband is an Iranian too. I think the best thing is to marry him in Iranian style so you will not have problems with police when they see you together, so you can be more relax out of home.

I'm Egyptian living in Isfahan so any one here want to talk or anything else just message me.

i' from Iran.. Please feel free to contact me.

Hey Robert
Maybe i can help u

Hi Elinaz...happy to see your what do you do??

what do you want to know? at your service

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I will be happy to help u

I'm reza ,i live in tehran,i'm a civil engineer,nowadays i have lots of free time that means i can help foreigners in tehran,i like to make new friends,so if you want you can contact me ***

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Hi every body
I visited Iran for three times till now (almost one time every year for last three years) and I become in love with Iran for it's nice culture, nature and people.
Now I am posting here to find good Iranian friends, that next time when I visit Iran they can show me their areas.

I will help you if I can my dear, ask your questions

Hello friends
I'm going to come to switzerland....
i need some information aboun living in switzerland...
is anybody here that help me?????

Im Andrew..30 just moved to isfahan from Los Angeles

Hi Hun I'm from Australia but my hubby is Iranian Iv been here in Iran on and off for 3 years.. What you need to think about when you come here is what will you do for work and how much Farsi do you know? There isn't a lot of foreigners here and a lot of Iranians are too lazy to learn English lol. Also the culture difference is huge get ready for faux/fake/ copied everything Lol and if you do come bring with your own makeup/skincare etc the brand stuff here is very expensive and it's a 50/50 chance it is real. The food is great, cultural places are lovely but the pollution in Tehran is terrible, also it was a bit hard for me to find western friends here and of your hubby has family they generally stick together (all the time 😂) It is nice to visit but unless you have a solid plan and some cash saved (no credit cards here) it is a difficult place to live hope this helps 😀

i'm moslem and i'm called abdoulay from west africa that's Mali i'm easy going very simple person

HI How can I help you?
pls email me at: ***

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