Important information abouth Spanish Community in London

Good afternoon,
I'm currently living in London after stayed two years in Manchester. Originally from Spain, I'm studying a Master's Degree in Youth and Community Work.
I would like to get information about the Spanish Community living in London as it will be interesting to follow a research about the difficulties we face when arriving to this city, the language barrier, the steps to complete a balance life counting with job, house, bank, National Insurance Number...
And most important, I would love to hear from your opinions, points of view about how Brexit had, is and will affect this community.
Every possible information will be more than welcome and it will be an opportunity to let the British people understand and have the knowledge about how we feel and the efforts we deal with this situation as its not the easiest process to achieve.
Thank you very much to everyone and hope to hear from you all very soon!

Hello Miren,

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You may also drop your ad under the Looking for testimonies in London section to help spread the word among the community and gain more feedbacks.

Good luck


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