Surviving throughout winter in Kyiv; Soviet stye!

Well, we all know Kyiv is surrounded with woods. I wonder how one could go through the winter by himself/herself using the only natural sources? Could be camping but how are the water sources at that forests? Actually in winter snow is a good source of water. How do these guys make shelters for winter? There are tons of it over the net but I am not sure which one to pick when it comes to scary cold of Kyiv after each year January and February.

One thing scares me is, the police and the other drunk guys who hang out in the woods. I guess I would be open to any kind of attacks and harm cause of being stranger, especially being from Turkey and my color you know. I have got annoyed by police of Kyiv many times even in the city when I used to be married there. My ex-wife was with me but police was still looking for some kind of fault to take me down. He couldn't find any but he kept following me wherever I went in Kyiv. E.g. art school of my ex, I was in the garden reading some book, while she was at the class. The same police guys came on horses and throw stuff in my bag around the garden, as if I had something illegal? Next time I was with friends of my ex and with my ex in Hydropark doing some social event together like a picnic. The guys again, came with horses and was so rude to me, thanks to the friends of my ex protected me against those annoying polices.

Whatever, which scared me is, the similar type of police could come to the woods and just hurt me. I would need some suggestions about this. How deep and how far my shelter should be from city? What type of shelter I should use for protection from wild animals and wild people? I will need to go to the city couple times at least per week for work and to get other sources.

What is the rule of cutting died and dry trees in the wood of Kyiv? I don't want to go to the prison because of a mistake you know :)

We are divorced with my ex after couple years of a marriage and I have a son living in Kyiv with his mother. How are my chances to get one year of residence permit? Does being a father to a Ukrainian kid makes me important for the governer?

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