Finances & Buying An Apartment


I am new to this and would really like some assistance.

My partner and I live in the UK but some of her family live in Ukraine. We are planning on buying an apartment in Zhytomir. I am aware of the Tax ID etc. and i will set up a bank account with PrivatBank but my main concern is how can we apply to get a loan or mortgage in Ukraine?

I am British and she is an EU national NOT Ukrainian. Her grandmother is on the other hand. If we set up a bank account could we get a loan or mortgage as her grandmother could use her house as collateral?

OR would a Ukrainian bank give non citizens a loan or montage for a property? I am aware of the high interest rates and the unsettled UAH currency etc. But in the UK people struggle to get a mobile phone contract let alone a loan for a property in Ukraine.

What are my options? For information the property is not expensive at all and is approx $31000 USD.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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