Uber - San Jose/ escazu

Will my app. for Uber in the states work in CR or do I need a different app.?
Is Uber pretty reliable and easily available in valley area?

Yes to both questions. Mu Uber driver´s phone is *** He serves San Jose, Alajuela City, San Ramon and Palmares, depending where he is at the time

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Hola Jose,    I would assume it is the same app.  We use Uber all the time when in San Jose and the longest we have waited is 8 minutes !!!!!!

Same app works...the only complication is that the driver can't call u on your US number. I change contact phone numbers but it is not as easy as it sounds. I use it in Colombia, Costa Rica and US.

No flames, please, but if you are new to CR, consider bargaining in a respectful way. We took two Ubers. China has turned me into an unrepentant bargainer. Our first trip was estimated at $20. I offered $10 (the drive was not far, a $7 NYC taxi ride uptown....). The driver settled on $12 and appeared happy. He was very nice. Our second driver asked for $30 and we agreed on $20. We had a pleasant conversation. He was studying English and was a nice earnest guy.

FYI in stores where someone spoke English, after I inquired, I was offered 20% off if we paid cash. Express warmth: "We so want to bring these beautiful things from Costa Rica back to our friends and family, teachers and students, etc."

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