How/ where to find work in Bergen

Hi all, im currently selling my house in the UK in preparation to move in with my boyfriend in Bergen. I currently work in labs testing patient samples in the UK and would ideally like to do lab work when i country hop, but will take whatever is available until i can speak norwegian more fluently! were could i find jobs suitable for me, ive had a look through the jobs and they all seem to be managerial or labour roles. I'm not fussed what i do but i would prefer maybe hotel work or behind the scenes bar work. does anyone know where to look roughly? or is it a case of print off CV's and hand them out to businesses when i visit next? thanks for you help!!

Hi Kazzahster,

Welcome on board  :)

You will find some tips here : … in+Norway.

You should drop an advert in the Jobs in Bergen section of the website detailing your skills, it could get you an opportunity.

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