Immigration cut off age

My family is considering relocating to Mauritius however I need to know if there is a cut off, in terms of the age of a person, that will be considered for citizenship in Mauritius.  My husband and I are between 36 and 41.  We have a 2 year old son and our mum is 62 years old.  Would our mum be able to get citizenship of Mauritius or is she tooo old to immigrate??

Hello. I am almost sure that if ur mom has no one to take care of her - should not be a problem as long as she will not live off state resources. Eg: pension housing medical etc. Make sure she has all her medical and dental history as well as all her documents in order.     You don't say if you and ur husband will be working there? If so, you should have letter of appointment and what the company will contribute to? Eg: housing schooling medical aid etc.    Otherwise take some to visit the embassy here and they will be able to answer all ur questions.   Hope this helps.

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