what's wrong with visitor visa

hi! I am an Argentinian living in England, my girlfriend is coming to England in a few weeks, yesterday I booked her flight, with a connection in Toronto...and unfortunately I discover AFTER booking, that she (argentinian citizen) need a VISA for staying inside an airport in Canada, for 10 hours

the worst part about the visa, is that is incredibly annoying, the website is probabbly one of the worst designed i ever saw, it logged me out and i cant even find where to log in back

and the visa process is incredibly demanding, i filled a "family member of a EEA citizen" visa for her, and even that visa for living and working for 1 year in England, is easier than a 10 hous stay in a connection with Canada

do I really need that visa? or am I missing something? what happens if I don't compete that visa? she wont be able to board the plane in Argentina?

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