start company and tax

Hello everyone,

I'm self-employed mechanical engineer and I am thinking about moving my business and my home to the dominican republic.
I could use some help about local formalities and especially about how high is the tax for self-employed people.
Any answer is welcome.

Welcome Adriano!   How many times have you visited here?  What part of the country are you thinking about moving to? 

Have you looked into the availability of work for you? As self employed you register with the government either with your "Cedula" so you will need residency or by creating a corporation and then working for the company. You will still need your residency and cedula.

The tax rate will depend on many things,  there is a VAT but i do not know if your type of work charges and remits this.  The  personal tax rate on earnings will depend on how you report your earnings. In other words its not straight forward! 

The easy answer is many show up and work or run their business. But the gov't is cracking down on most of that and you might get caught.  Many run their incomes thru their offshore companies.  That is another way but legally it should be reported here.

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