Needing Advise

i was recently in Sweden  as in this summer, and it was the gothia cup. and i stayed there for about 14 days, and i think i only used to sleep about 3 hours a day when i was there, the country was so beautiful i wanted to see as much as i can out of it.
i know when i was there i asked around about the possibilities of moving there and working and i got good positive feed backs.

here in my home town Alexandria Egypt
i work as the head fitness coach for all youth football teams in Alexandria Sporting club
and i work as a gym instructor and personal trainer in Alexandria sporting club also.
also i own my own super Market and other stuff.

the problem for me here is that life is starting to be more like rewind tape, witch makes it so boring.
I loved Sweden because it was beautiful, i always loved the Mix between Nature and city and Gothenburg was amazing.
i loved the system and the fact that everyone was working there and the city was beautiful and peaceful and ever since i came back i wanted to move there.

so i kind need advise because next month i finally finish my exercise therapy exam and after it i will attempt to make contact, looking for a job.
i will be searching a job in my main carrier witch is sports, as gym instructor/personal trainer.

so if possible i need some advise, on what i need to do or whom should i contact for such a thing  etc.
thanks for reading my post
awaiting your kind replay

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