Moving wth young kids to Bandung or Surabaya..

:top: Hi ..We (my husband (Singaporean) n I (Malaysian) intend to move to Indonesia.. But cannot decide between Bandung/Surabaya..
I want a place safe for us..HV a good school for expat.. A reasonable place to live and raise our young kids(safety/amenities/etc)...don't want to spend time wth those horrible traffic jams..a place to relax n yet not in village but still a city but not so hectic..we will b travelling sometimes since we HV biz in KUALA LUMPUR n relatives there n in spore..any suggestions pls..
Any good huge place to live(nice flat?perhaps) as I like big space as my home..not a small unit..good facilities like a good condo in spore..
We r Muslim n a modern one but not much on the night life..more towards family life..thank you so much..Xzara :cheers:

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