Calling expats in/around Rostrenen

Hi there,  We have just spent some time in Brittany, househunting and have chosen Rostrenen as our preferred area.  We've seen several properties there, and intend to return early next year, hopefully to finalalise a purchase.

In the meantime, are there any expats living in the Rostrenen area who could give us any tips and pointers on the locality/customs/people/places etc etc.  One of the things we are most interested in is improving a level of French which is, to say the least, basic.  We are franticly trying to learn more at home, but it's the practice which makes perfect, and there is nothing like learning a language in its own country.

It would be nice to hear from anybody over there on what they think of our chosen area, hopefully all plusses but, hey, life is never perfect, so we'll take the rough with the smooth.

Regards, Caro

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