Looking for Bathroom Wall-mounted Soap Bar Thingmajig

Hello.  The last time I was in Korea, I saw these solid soap bars mounted on walls by public bathroom sinks.

I know some of you think that is extremely gross but it certainly beats nothing.  Yes, I really think it beats nothing.

So anyway, most of the schools here in Malta, where I currently live, do not stock liquid soap in the bathrooms because "the children waste it."  I really don't understand the reasoning but in any case, I am on a quest to find inexpensive soap dispensers for the local school bathrooms. 

I tried to find the Korean ones (because I had never seen them anywhere else in my travels, including China)  on eBay and AliExpress but I simply cannot find them anywhere for purchase.

Would anyone know any shopkeepers or school administrators who might know where to purchase them in bulk? 

I'd appreciate your help!


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