NGOs ( ONGs ) and Missionaries in Madagascar

What are their roles here in Madagascar, and how do they help make a better life for
people of Madagascar.

Being secular, I'll avoid my vehement comments on missionaries and churches. However, I first came here with an international NGO, and depending on their programming, strategy and systems, they can make significant improvements to a weak system. One major problem is the limited time for which funding is available, so they do not follow up on their initiatives. For example, our project trained community leaders in the development of communal development plans that were supposed to be reviewed/renewed on an annual basis. I have no idea, and sincerely doubt, that this has been the case.

I still strongly believe in the NGO for which I worked, not only here but in other countries.

My take on NGOs, which I learned so much about as I started my NGO ( international non profit org) two years ago.
The positive thinking here is that if a certain government gives directly to countries who need help in social programs, that these under developed governments will pocket the money. So NGOs are the go between organization. Funny in a way because NGO stands for Non Government but still get government support in the terms of money or tax write-offs.

I as a beginner NGO or non profit I find it difficult to get support for my secular school I started in the Bush Community because I do not have name recognition. The Red Cross has name recognition and yet can steal  hundreds of millions of dollars has they did in Haiti. I have other local examples around me where NGOs will raise the price of local products and causing difficulty for locals. Heck its not their money they are spending!

Also, my observations  of most NGO workers are that they are not friendly to others of their own tribe. I find it very difficult to have a conversation with them or difficult to get them to even wave hello even as I am greeted by the dozens of locals every day.  It is as if  NGO workers act as if they have a superiority, snotty complex that they only like to lord over the locals.  The NGO workers I have come to have contact with are arrogant and talk with as if they are my boss when they have had less than two years experience in the country and they know more than I who has had 15 years.

Also I see them drive around in these huge almost brand new 4x4 trucks with air con and I think that one truck could pay for all the houses in one village. And yet they don't have a clue how the locals think of them.

The Point I am making is that NGOs are for the most part an international Profit Business ( not all NGOs as I found the Mercy Ship as a great giver than taker).   Then there is the CIA that uses NGOs to infiltrate communities further tainting the  good will that  NGOs do, and they do give good work  by offering  medical help, water and food programs.   

IT is my opinion that NGOs do not spent the normal 80% to 90% of donations that should go to the community, certainly not with several nice 4x4 trucks in tandam, hanging in over priced housing and shopping in supermarkets for expensive foreign supplies............

And yes NGO activities are, as I have come to think of them is that they educate a community to take responsibility for projects and then leave them to better themselves.  But NGO projects I have come to learn about is that they keep the projects ongoing as a profit business for as long as it is profitable.

Next is my view on Missionaries if anyone has an interest in this area and is wilingl to get the ball rolling. 

My school where I bought the land and built the buildings and all you see is

By the way I am up against brick walls in trying to get donations so if any one has any ideas I would like to learn from your thoughts. 
I have my own money from my business in the USA ,  that takes care of my family, but I would like the educational side, the school to be self funding rather  than always coming from my pocket/bank.  Especially since each year there are greater demands from the local community for increased educational help with things on the list you will see if you go to the website.
Your insights would be greatly appreaciated.   
With only two years into my project I have plenty to learn so please help.

As I am the vice chairman of a small and newly founded association in Denmark, I would like to ask if anyone knows about the procedure for registering the association here in Madagascar as a legal entity?
I have heard that it could grant us some tax exemptions when we want to import things to Madagascar in the future. This would truly be a great thing, as the duty which you pay on imported machinery here in Madagascar is around 100 % of the value of the machine, when all is said and done!

Any info would be much appreciated :)


I just developed a website for our little association here in Madagascar. The name of the association is SUDEMA (Sustainable Development Madagascar). Go ahead and visit our new website to find more information about us and the projects we plan to do here in Madagascar:


Bravo to you FullOtto and your Malagasy wife and associates in trying to make a contribution to making Madagascar a better place to live.   All non profits have a struggle to get above the problems but it seems you have the courage to make a difference.  I have seen your efforts on Face book as well.

The world is a better place with more people like you and family and friends which I would like to count myself as a friend and supporter of your cause.

I would like to suggest you place your information on the Spanish, and Italian and Portuguese, French Forum Sites as well.   A small amount of Google translate will help with the language. Just keep it short and to the point.

The French site of course is the one with the most "views" that I imagine are European related and as the French Forum  has the most exposure you will have to endure insolent toxic characters a dozen or so, that seem to dominate the forum and they discourage positive feed back that I have witnessed for the past two years. There are plenty of views on that forum from which I suppose are European in nature that would enjoy seeing a positive program that you have to offer. The French neo colonialists and their Malagasy cohorts who think they are French and cheered on as in a dog and pony show, and they too try to crush other Malagasy voices will be combatant to you and try to drive you down in a dark downward spiral along with the other negative pseudo intellectuals characters on that board.

Do not let this discourage you from posting your good efforts as the wider community the "views" are more important than the" gruesome dozen", and while others are discouraged from posting on that forum which exhibits false politeness and and shackle new comers and make them kneel before the gruesome dozen thus discouraging particapation.
Their content is childish behavior that is cloaked in what they describe as raw reality, well I have lived here for 15 years myself  and my Malagasy wife of 45 years and we say Zebu Dung on those theories of "raw Reality"  , You  hopefully will attract a more mature Malagasy and European audience. of which their are many but are locked out by the dysfunctional characters that inhabit that forum. No doubt you will get positive feedback through messages and so I recommend you ignore and not engage in their trivial grievances of the gruesome dozen.

You may make some changes in more areas than you thought of now that this has begun..................

Among that ,those people want to explore the real Madagascar and see the positive and good- will come here.

Good Luck on your venture
stay in touch

FYI, I came across a site that talks about funding for projects in Madagascar, though more focused on environmental projects:

I am the president of an association called "FIVOARANA" and we try to promote humanitarian tourism and development project for the development of the community. May be you can help us to achieve our goals?

ainguh  "promote humanitarian tourism and development project for the development of the community"

What projects have you already promoted?
Please send  links to these projects.

Other than volunteer tourism international, How are you working with local volunteer- domestic helpers to embolden your projects and what has been your results.

I am very interested in your concept Fivoarana for all  the 18 tribes to work together or as you put it to better understand the Malagasy Culture..

WE have participated to internarional conferences and done some World tour help communities like the promotion of personal computer for students in rural colleges in order to help them to succeed on their studies. WE have already donne many other projects. Can U give us your E-mail address by private message so that we Can give U more details? I send U by private message the contact of our association.

No I am not giving you my e mail nor will I communicate with you in private messages.
I am asking you ,again in crayon,  to be transparent to the rest of the community on this forum of what you have claimed to perform for the  public good- in the form of links, so we better understand your good works on the level of international status and the other portion of my question your ability to work with domestic volunteers?. 


Once an organization becomes an NGO, ONG, non profit or missionary and in the business of helping the community ---- open  transparency and its book keeping  is fore most to the credibility  of the organization and should not require obstacles or private messages.....and secrecy.


Tks for your reply. Be sure WE are transparent. WE work to promote development programs among Madagascar. We work with European Union and other partners. Our aim is to help communities to have a high level of life, which is a huge work, that's why we work with partners and individuals that are convinced with our vison and missions. WE have for example help students from private schools in rural areas to  be able to use technology that is useful for them... That's OK if U don't want to give us your E-mail address or other contact informations. It is "Mazava" as U Said...

Here's the link where U Can find informations about us : . The blog is not totally finished yet..

ainguh ---I wish you good luck with your selfless help programs.

Thanks ..I think "selfless" is not the right word because it shows how much the person is pessimost...By the way, good Luck also for your programs..Hope U will bring positive changes for Malagasy communities, even if Madagascar is not your real country... :D :D

concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own; unselfish.
"an act of selfless devotion"
synonyms:    unselfish, altruistic, self-sacrificing, self-denying;

Actually an up lifting word and not pessimistic or negative at all- a language lesson here for you.
Since you are using word press that you publish Jan 7 that you might ad a language widget which is easy to do on word press.
Especially English which is the international and universal language that is  used most in the world.

I am still waiting for you to respond to my other questions and how many of the 18 tribes are members of your association in the spirit of Malagasy culture.

you will find that people from outside of the country try to preserve a culture from becoming extinct because we think of our selves as global citizens and Madagascar does have a place here on earth.


Your welcome ainguh.
I hope to see more about your good works and your fight to end poverty and corruption

So can you explain and within the context of this post this question.

Do you consider your association a NGO ( ONG ) or  non profit and why.

What do you consider to be the proper division of monies that are donated to you in Mvola or other contributions.  Is it 60 / 40  as in 60% to the association and 40 % to you.

Rather visiting as Tourist I would like to visit this country as Volunteer. Can any one advice me on this. Any group need volunteer ? what kind of help NGOs required ? which is the best season to visit Madagascar ?
I would like to work with NGO as well as Missionary / Church.
Regards … tions.html

You will need to set up a special visa with the NGO of your choice, some suggestions above.

Same would apply if you are looking for church  business and  Missionary work.

The best time to visit Madagascar is during rainy season when it is the time that Malagasy people need the most help and struggle to make ends meet, it is also the time of year that tourists to not arrive as it is cyclone season and monsoon season . that  being  Dec thru April.

When you pass my way, here in Mahajanga then send me a message

Good Luck

Thank you  Alex

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