Pregnant in Romania

Hello everyone,

Its not there yet, but i am thinking about pregnancy a lot these days.
I live in a small village (Balșa) in Hunedoara county, close to Orastie, but also close to deva, sebes, alba iulia.
We're planning to get children once but I am just wondering how it works here.
Like an echo, to check if everything is alright. And the birth itself, can I have a home birth? I would really prefer that.
Could anyone recommend a good doctor/hospital near us? Also for other Health problems it would be good to know We're not rich unfortunately but we're just looking for nice and understanding people.
By the way, we prefer natural ways of healing, that's also why I prefer home birth.

Thanks in advance.


I'd say these are questions that you need to discuss with an OB/GYN.  It is possible to give birth at home, but still you'll need the support of a doctor during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend anyone in that area.

Romaniac Experts Team

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