Car Inspection

Had my car inspected yesterday and the cost was 75,000 FMG.  The car is 23 years old with several issues but passed inspection without corruption and without problems and in ten minutes.
Why not, as I have seen taxi-be go down the street blowing black smoke and some trucks that haul sand or rock without reverse. Or a large rock for brakes when in reverse. 

Then again I had the freedom to have my young children sit on my lap and drive the car while we went down the road.  A definite no-no in the USA.  I also miss those bench seats in the USA cars where your girlfriend could sit close while you went down the road.

I heard that corruption is being stopped in some sectors and there were new car inspectors on the scene here in Mahajanga. 
In the past just a photo or document of your car with 250,000 FMG was enough. 

What has been your experience for car inspection in the past and present?.

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