Visa Exemption Certificate (VEC) application with form N20


I've been reading up with the fiasco with the recent Viet Nam visa changes and came upon the VEC.  I am thinking of applying for the latter, but unsure about requirements necessary to get one.  I do not have any documents required to prove I'm of Vietnamese origin.  Thus I would have to submit form N20, which is a guarantee from a Vietnamese specifying that I'm of Vietnamese descent.

I'm planning to have my uncle in Viet Nam fill the form (at least the top portion anyway) and I fill the bottom half.  My question concerns the lines about "Co Quan Cap".  There is one for the top portion and one for the bottom portion.  Would my uncle need to go to some travel agency or local government to have this "notorized" and would I need to do the same for my portion of the document?  There isn't any place for the agency to stamp the document and the document itself appears very unofficial and bland.  Obviously, this would have to be completed at different times and different place, given how we are located half the world away.  Would that be an issue? Also, do you think the embassy would accept a copy of the form.  My uncle would have to email me the form back after he completed it.

I would appreciate any advice from anyone with experience submitting form N20 for the purpose of obtaining a VEC.   Thanks!

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