New / Alternative procedures for Occupation permits

Hello everybody

Just a brief note to inform (for those who don't know) that the BOI has implemented a new system for Occupation Permits.

These are declined in two options: Channel A & Channel B.

In Channel A, applicants can apply online and wait an Approval in Principle from the BOI. This means that there is no need to travel down to Mauritius, incorporate a company, transfer funds ...take all these risks to see application rejected.  Now you can submit your application without prior registration of business or transfer of funds.  Once Approval in Principle is obtained, applicants can travel down to Mauritius, complete the formalities and present themselves to the BOI for conclusion & permit delivery.

The approval in principle is valid for 90 days, which means you have to complete everything within this time-frame.

The existing system still works and is under Channel B.

Hope this piece of information helps.


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